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Important:  You must upgrade your Tempurity™ Server software to V2.3  in order to ensure the reception of the "voice" type of alarm notifications. Our voice provider needs to enforce standards requiring caller ID in automated phone calls and may implement this change at any time.
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The Advantages of Networked Robotics' Direct Data Connections to High-End Scientific Instruments:


Data from diverse instrumentation and brands is acquired via the network using common network-side commands. For example, the remote network command to obtain temperature is the same for all instruments regardless of brand or model.


The Tempurity™ System stores and reports the data values that are shown on the front panel of the instrument.


The sensors that provide data are the ones chosen by the manufacturer to be optimum for the instrument. The inside of the instrument is free from "foreign" sensors. 


Why duplicate sensors that already exist in an instrument?








Network Data Collection Hardware

Use your Standard Computer Network to Collect and Monitor Temperature Voltage Humidity Co2 Oxygen Alarm Outputs and much more..

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