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 ......creates proprietary hardware and software to enable and centralize network data collection from the diverse regulated scientific instrumentation in your lab. We either speak to your high end scientific instruments directly via the unique data language that was engineered by the vendor .. Or..  For instruments that have no data communications capability we use our advanced digital sensors .. Or .. we can interface via voltage to almost any third-party sensor. There are often several data collection options for each instrument.

Advantages of Direct Data Connections to High-End Scientific Instruments:


The Tempurity™ System stores and reports the data values that are shown on the front panel of the instrument.


The sensors that provide the data are the ones chosen by the manufacturer to be the optimum for the instrument.


Why duplicate sensors that already exist in an instrument?


Data from diverse instrumentation and brands is acquired via the network using common network-side commands regardless of the manufacturer or model of instrument.

Heraeus Heracell incubator

See our direct interface to Thermo Fisher Scientific® Heraeus Heracell incubators

Monitor Your Regulated Scientific and Medical Freezers and Incubators with the Tempurity™ System from Networked Robotics


Network Data Collection Hardware

Temperature  Humidity Co2 Oxygen Liquid Nitrogen Level Voltage Current Instrument Status Weight RPM and much more..

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Tempurity™ System Information

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Chart Biomedical MVE Cryofreezer

See our direct interface to Chart Biomedical® MVE cryofreezers    


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