About Networked Robotics Corporation

Networked Robotics Corporation was founded in 2004 by pharmaceutical industry laboratory automation scientists. The labors of many people including those with pharmaceutical experience and young engineers have contributed to the development of the company's advanced proprietary electronics and Tempurity™ System software. Watch this page in the future for features on individuals that have contributed to the development of the revolutionary Tempurity™ System.

You can read more about us on Wikipedia. We also wish to thank Networked Robotics' many suppliers whose diverse services to us might include anything from Italian translation, to integrated circuit supply to art and image creation to accounting to FDA regulatory training to tradeshow design to circuit manufacturing to machining and many other tasks.

We would also like to hear from you. Please e-mail, call, or visit Networked Robotics'  frequently used Facebook page.  We are especially interested in any new network interfaces that you would like to see to your scientific instruments.