Acknowledgments to Suppliers

We want to thank some of the many institutions that have contributed to the development of the Tempurity™ System and Networked Robotics' hardware and software for internet data collection and scientific data integration.



Link to Digikey for electronic circuits

Digikey - Electronic parts


Pololu Robotics and electronic circuits supply

Pololu - Case parts and development tools


International Biobanking

ISBER - The International Society for Biobanking and Environmental Repositories



Circom for circuit assembly

Circom Incorporated - Circuit manufacturing


Link to Friendly Solutions for Chicago Website Development

Friendly Solutions - Web design


JEM Custom Products - Machining


Link to YingHua Language School - New Jersey

YingHua Language School - Translation


Japan External Trade Organization - Translation


link to Northwestern university website

Northwestern University - Multiple including bandwidth


The Abundance Center - Attitude adjustment


Technology Innovation Center

Technology Innovation Center -  A better nerd herd + attitude adjustment


Link to Advanced Circuits

Advanced Circuits - Electronic boards


link to Radiometrics Midwest for EMC compliance

Radiometrics Midwest - FCC testing


Link to Association for Laboratory Automation site

The Association for Laboratory Automation -  Multiple including publishing our papers


GoldPhoenix for Circuit board development

Gold Phoenix - Electronic boards


America II Electronics - Electronic parts


Link to Microchip corporation microprocessors

Microchip - All of our processors


link to Dallas/Maxim for integrated Circuits

Maxim - Sensor chips


Link to Laboratory Robotics Interest Group

LRIG - the Laboratory Robotics Interest Group


Link to Princetel Inc. for optical components

Princetel Inc. -  Advice


Futurelec Electronics link

Futurlec Electronics - Electronic parts


Link to maverick label  - labels for circuits

Maverick Label - Labels


Pfizer Logo

Pfizer - Equipment donations during company formation


Link to Kensington electronics

Kensington Electronics - Electronic parts


Translation Services

German- Ivo Bakker

Dutch- Ivo Bakker

Spanish-  Eduardo Lopez Gil, Sheri  Storey, Jerome Knapp

Italian- Cristina Varisco

Japanese-   Ayako Ikehara  and Jun Matsushita

Chinese-    Kevin Leung

Portuguese- Maria Tereza Bocayuva

Danish- Lisbeth Christensen

French- David King

Russian- Michael Dubilet 

Swedish- Fredrik Meller

Hebrew נועה מיק   

Thai - Ratchanun Yothanant

Malay - Allysa Marie





On Electrical Engineering Degrees

On Electrical Engineering Schools