Collect temperatures and many other kinds of real-time data from up to 4 sources from anywhere on your network! The revolutionary Networked Robotics-proprietary NTMS4 collects data directly from the communications outputs of your high-end  freezers, cryofreezers, and incubators  or collects from advanced Networked Robotics digital  sensors.

It "learns"! The unit's firmware can be upgraded from your site via the network for quality and functional  enhancements. That means that your investment is preserved as new interfaces are developed to scientific devices and sensors of all types.

You can extend connections from the NTMS4 to "monitored devices" with standard CAT5e or phone cable to collect from  sources up to 400 ft away.

Install in a lab, room, or patch to monitored devices through your network closet and network cable infrastructure. For wireless installations use the NTMS4p version of our hardware. 

Networked Robotics' NTMS4 network data collection hardware

NTMS4 Specifications

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$735.00  and $887.00


NTMS4 devices allow integrated scientific data collection by handling both the "physical" and "logical" complexity of scientifc message passing. Integration is accomplished within our network hardware rather than at the data collection server which simply collects from now-universally-formatted data from complex sources.