Use the Tempurity™ System to Monitor your Thermo Fisher Scientific® Freezer,  Incubator, Cryofreezer, or Shaker

Researchers worldwide rely on Thermo Fisher Scientific® cold storage and incubation equipment. Most of these devices use microprocessor-based controllers which offer digital output capability for communication and as a control interface from external computers. The Networked Robotics Tempurity™ System has the ability to communicate directly to these outputs for real-time data collection, storage, and alarm notification. The Networked Robotics NTMS4 network hardware can collect data from many different kinds of instruments or from our digital sensors in any combination on our NTMS4 unit's four data collection ports.

With Tempurity, you can eliminate manual temperature recording procedures and cumbersome chart recorders. You will also rest easier knowing that the next time your freezer fails, or that someone leaves the door ajar, that you will be quickly notified via e-mail, text message, or a voice phone call.

Tempurity is based on Networked Robotics' NTMS (Network Telemetry Monitoring System) hardware. The NTMS is a small, Ethernet network device with four measurement ports that are capable of any combination of direct connections to the data output port of your Thermo Scientific® Forma®, Revco®, Heraeus®, Cryoplus®, MaxQ®, and other equipment or to our series of advanced digital sensors.

The free Tempurity client and server software collects and stores temperatures from your equipment via our NTMS and through your computer network, and alerts you via e-mail, cell phone text message, or voice phone call when any of your monitored devices go outside their assigned temperature range. The Tempurity client software also allows you to create historical reports, with graphs, from any of your monitored devices over virtually any date range.

The system is designed to be fully compatible with FDA standards, making it suitable for FDA-regulated businesses It can also be installed by nearly any employee. Call Networked Robotics today for more information on Tempurity and its place in your daily operations.

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The Details

RS-232 ports are available for Thermo Scientific® Revco® Elite and Elite Plus freezers. The Revco® Value Plus freezers are not microprocessor controlled. Thus, they do not offer monitoring through direct connections.

RS-232 ports are standard on Thermo Scientific® Revco® Ultima II models.

RS-232 ports are standard on Cryoplus® liquid nitrogen freezers.

RS-485 ports are available as an option on Thermo Scientific Forma® Water Jacketed Incubators.

RS-232 ports are available on the digital versions of MaxQ® shakers and incubated shakers.

Direct connections are not available on Forma® 8600-series models. Use Networked Robotics' advanced digital sensors for measuring ultra-cold temperatures.

The Tempurity System "learns". As new interfaces become available to new Thermo equipment, they can be downloaded into your Networked Robotics hardware so that you can collect data through a direct interface without needing to buy new hardware.

For devices which offer alarm contact outputs or "dry contact alarms", Networked Robotics offers the Dry Contact Probe (DCP) which can accommodate both normally closed and normally open alarm contacts. The DCP connects to any one of the four probe ports on the NTMS. Use either the DCP or the Networked Robotics TPL3 series to monitor equipment for which direct connections are not available.

Thermo Fisher Scientific®, Forma®, Revco®, Cryoplus®, Heraeus®, MaxQ® are registered trademarks of Thermo Fisher Scientific Networked Robotics is not affiliated with Thermo Fisher Scientific.

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Tempurity will collect data from ALL of your organization's monitored devices, wherever they are in the world. For different perspectives you may wish to read more from specific categories below: