Freezer Mapping Studies by Networked Robotics

All freezers have temperature gradients that may affect the storage of your materials. Consider a detailed freezer mapping study to examine the detailed distribution of temperatures over time within your storage units. Networked Robotics performs FDA-regulated mapping studies at your site in order to meet regulatory requirements or to enhance the quality of storage for important products.

In a standard upright refrigerator, the difference in temperature between the top shelf and the bottom shelf can be 4 degrees Centigrade or more. In large walk-ins or ultracold freezers these temperature gradients can be even more pronounced. Temporary changes such as frosting or the distribution of material within the freezer can cause an insulating effect that will increase gradients.

How we perform a freezer mapping study

Each palm-sized Networked Robotics NTMS device can collect temperatures from up to 4 temperature sources and as many NTMS units and digital temperature sensors with enhanced regulatory features can be applied as necessary. In some cases 16 or 24 measurement points will be sampled from within a single unit. Data is collected through the network for a given period of time, at least a day, and stored on a computer, and a comprehensive final regulatory report is prepared.

Once permanent monitoring is desired, if hot spots or cold spots are detected by the freezer mapping study, the Tempurity System™ can be implemented to permanently monitor from multiple sensitive locations within the freezer. As always with Tempurity alarm notifications of e-mail, text message, or phone can be sent when any one of the sensors yields a reading that is out of range.

The Tempurity System gives you new options for the most advanced regulatory temperature monitoring. Put those advanced capabilities to work for you!  Send an inquiry to or call one of the numbers below!

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Tempurity will collect data from ALL of your organization's monitored devices, wherever they are in the world. For different perspectives you may wish to read more from specific categories below: