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Three advantages of the direct-connection method are: 1) Values collected and stored in the Tempurity System match those shown on the front panel of the instrument. 2) The inside of the freezer or incubator is  free from foreign sensors that could move around or interfere with sample movement or sterility. 3) It is generally lower cost than our competitors because we use existing sensors that are already part of the instrument; in high-end units no "second" sensor is needed.

Whether you are required to monitor freezer temperatures by the FDA, or whether you have critical, hard-to-replace cells or compounds, the Networked Robotics Tempurity System gives you the reliability you need.

The Tempurity System is network distributable. That means that any Windows computer can collect temperatures from any Tempurity-connected device on the network. This means that you can have as many monitoring systems as you want. Call Networked Robotics for a demonstration or quote now.

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