Low Temperature Monitoring of Liquid Nitrogen and Oxygen with the Tempurity™ System

Networked Robotics' Tempurity™ System  can monitor temperatures as low as -230C, either through our advanced RTD sensors or by direct connection to the data communications ports of some brands of high-end cryofreezers. Each of the 4 ports of our NTMS4 network hardware can acquire data via any of our supported data collection methods, so there are several options for data collection on any type of  liquid nitrogen or liquid oxygen storage instrument.

If you have a Chart Biomedical« MVE cryofreezer the system can collect A and B temperatures, liquid nitrogen level, and fill status with a single connection to the back of your TEC2000 or TEC3000 controller.  We can also direct-connect to the Thermo Fisher« Cryoplus brand of cryofreezers.

Low Temperature Monitoring of All Instruments

Our RTD probes will accept any PT100 sensor so there are many physical and temperature range options for the types of low temperature instrument that you have - any type of dewar or cryofreezer - either from vapor phase or liquid phase. Where sensors are needed Networked Robotics uses suction cups to attach sensors inside the unit.

Temperature readings are recorded to our central Tempurity Server and reported to your specified personnel, you can access that data wherever you happen to be. Whether you're simply away from the office for the night or on a long trip overseas, you can keep up to date on the temperature status of your equipment and valuable biologics.

Put advanced internet-based temperature monitoring to work for you. Get the Tempurity System and experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing you've got your bases covered.

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Tempurity will collect data from ALL of your organizations monitored devices, wherever they are in the world. For different perspectives you may wish to read more from specific categories below: