Network Data Collection

Networked Robotics has developed an architecture for internet-based data collection. Advanced hardware and software collect data from diverse scientific instruments and sensors wherever they are in the world.

The architecture is based on the company's NTMS4 network hardware. The NTMS is a palm-sized unit that attaches to supported "monitored devices".

This hardware speaks many machine and sensor languages which allows data messaging to be simple on the network-side even though it is complicated on the instrument side. Our network hardware's main function is the integration of network data streams both in logical terms, the languages that machines speak, and in physical terms, because if one device needs to connect to a lot of different instruments then there are a lot of different kinds of physical connections that need to be made. Whether we are collecting data from a Networked Robotics digital temperature probe, a scientific incubator from one vendor, a cryofreezer from another vendor, or an ultracold freezer from a third vendor, the internet-side commands are the same. We called the company Networked Robotics because these instruments are controlled. We need to command the instrument to give us data in its own language in order to solicit data collection.

Environmental Data, and More

Our company's data collection architecture is highly distributed. The system splits the traditional data collection and monitoring system into three network pieces, our hardware, one software piece for data collection called the Tempurity Server, and one for data visualization called the Tempurity Monitor. For a simple description of the data collection architecture of the Tempurity System click here. 

More technical readers may be interested in the details via the link: The Six Rules of Networked Robotics' simplified data collection architecture.

Enter a new world with Networked Robotics' data collection and monitoring!

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Tempurity will collect data from ALL of your organizations monitored devices, wherever they are in the world. For different perspectives you may wish to read more from specific categories below: