Room Temperature Monitors

If you have network wall plates and CATx infrastructure in your building the monitoring of your room temperatures is an easy thing to accomplish with the Tempurity System™. To install just plug our digital temperature sensor into a free wall plate jack in each room and mount our network hardware in your network closets. Our TPL3 digital temperature probe easily plugs into any network wall jack as shown in the photo.

You will run the network data collection and environmental monitoring function simply by keeping at least one computer, called a Tempurity Server, running at all times.  The Tempurity Server collects data from anywhere on your network. 

You can collect more than just temperature.  Humidity, voltages, and other parameters like pressure or light can be collected and monitored.  Each of the four ports on our NTMS4 network hardware can be connected to a different type of sensor or interface.  These interfaces provide choices in your method of temperature monitoring or the monitoring of other kinds of physical data.

Get Networked Room Temperature Monitoring Today

Now it's easy to always know the environmental conditions of your rooms.

There are no monthly charges or services.

You can create as many monitoring systems (Tempurity Servers) as you like without incurring additional charge. Each Tempurity Server can monitor up to 56 rooms. Tempurity can be highly redundant, so you can use multiple servers to simultaneously store and monitor data from a population of rooms, freezersincubators, cryofreezers, or other types of instrument.

Tempurity was designed for use in FDA regulated industries.

Now there's no reason not to know. For more information on the Tempurity System, call or e-mail Networked Robotics today.

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Tempurity will collect data from ALL of your organizations monitored devices, wherever they are in the world. For different perspectives you may wish to read more from specific categories below: