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How to Connect your Monitored Devices to NTMS4 Units Mounted in a Network Closet


This document describes how to connect an NTMS4 in a network closet. Using this method you will plug in probes or direct connections to scientific instruments into your company's network wall jacks. The connections are "patched' in the network closet to a temperature port NTMS hardware.

Network Closet Setup

Your typical network closet is comprised of a patch panel and a network switch.

Patch Panel

Typical network patch panel


A generic network switch

These pieces of hardware are connected such that you can use network patch cable to determine which port on the router feeds any given wall plate and jack. Pictured below is a simplified typical setup:

Network switch in a network closet

Installing the NTMS4

The NTMS4 is installed  with the switch and patch panel as to convert wall plates and their corresponding jacks into temperature ports. Using different colored Cat5 or 6 patch cable to identify monitored device lines, connect the desired jacks on the patch panel into your NTMS4. Plug the NTMS4 directly into the switch for internet. Pictured below are simplified NTMS4 network closet installations of 4 and 12 monitored devices respectively:

Connecting a Networked Robotcs NTMS4 in a network closet


Typical Installation

A typical installtion of 12 monitored devices for connection to Tempurity

Now all wall plates that are connected to the NTMS4 are data acquisition ports. It is now possible to plug in proprietary Networked Robotics temperature probes directly into the wall plate. Use extension cables to lengthen the reach of the probe if needed.

The Networked Robotics TPL3 collecting temperatures from a standard wall plate

You are now able to see temperatures in this room or other monitored device from anywhere in the world; office, hotel, vacation house, relative's house, etc.


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