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How to Restore the Tempurity™ Monitor Icon if it Disappears from the Windows Taskbar



The Tempurity Monitor icon is shown below:

Networked Robotics Tempurity Monitor

It is designed to be always-resident on the System Tray of your Windows Desktop.  The System Tray is by default at the lower right-hand corner of your screen in Windows XP.

There are some situations where the Monitor icon seems to disappear from the System Tray however you need to be able to see the Monitor icon and click on it in order to access the Monitor and view the temperature and other data. This document tells you how to get the Tempurity Monitor back in your System Tray, how to reduce the occurrence of the problem, and why the problem occurs.

This document applies most directly to Tempurity Monitors versions 1.6 and higher.

What's Happening When the Monitor Icon is Not in the System Tray

The fact that the Monitor icon is not showing does not mean that the Tempurity Monitor is not running. In most cases, the Tempurity Monitor IS running in the background of your computer, and will respond to alarm events with alarm notification sends.  If you are not sure if the Monitor is running in the background or not, you can check specifically by going into: Windows Control Panel - Administrative Tools - Services. Then scroll down to Tempurity Monitor.  If the listing shows the status as "Started", you know that the Tempurity Monitor is running.  One way to re-enable the icon in the system tray is to restart the Tempurity Monitor service using this screen. This is discussed in more detail below.

Set Your System Tray Properties

One potential solution to ensure that the Monitor icons remains resident is to change the Windows Taskbar properties.

Right-click on the System Tray (near the time of day clock).  Click on the "properties" icon.

Uncheck the "Hide inactive icons" item at the bottom of the window and click "Apply".

What should I do if the Tempurity Monitor icon does not appear in my System Tray?

There are a few potential solutions.

1) Log Off your Windows account and Log back in again

Click on the Windows XP "Start" icon and then on "Log Off".  Then log back into your account. You will see the Tempurity Monitor icon reappear in the System Tray.

2) Manually Restart the Tempurity Monitor Service(s)

Windows Control Panel - Administrative Tools - Services. Then scroll down to Tempurity Monitor (there may be more than one) and right-click.  Choose "Restart".

This option has some consequences though, when the Tempurity Monitor starts it sends out alarm notifications for any monitored devices in an alarm state.

3) Restart the Computer

This option is basically the same as the combination of "1" and "2" above.  Alarm Notifications will be sent out for monitored devices in alarm state.

Why does this Problem Occur?

It just happens in Windows XP on certain computers.  A really good analysis, with more sophisticated solutions can be found at Windows Problem Solver in the link "Systray icons missing":



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