The Tempurity™ Temperature Monitoring System

Temperature monitoring systems are important for quality and regulatory compliance in the pharmaceutical, biotech, or food industries. In the pharmaceutical industry, laboratories operating under FDA GLP or GMP guidelines need to document that their refrigerators and freezers are operating properly. Food-processing plants, warehouses, and other food-producing institutions are required by HACCP regulations to ensure that they're maintaining their inventories at temperatures that will keep their product  fresh and healthy.

Temperature monitoring processes or systems are necessary in these industries. However, not all of these systems are the same. You need a monitoring system for your business that offers accuracy, reliability, ease of use, and meets your quality and regulatory needs.

Temperature Monitoring Systems by Networked Robotics

The Tempurity™ System from Networked Robotics is a state-of-the-art temperature monitoring system that operates as part of your overall network, allowing you to monitor all of your temperature-controlled storage equipment. Data from freezers located anywhere in your organization is collected via your standard computer network and stored on a central server.  With Tempurity, each of your storage units operates as its own entity on your network. This offers you both the flexibility and the support framework that you enjoy with other networked devices.

 The Tempurity System is based on an advanced Networked Robotics technical architecture that enables data collection by talking directly to the communications ports of some high-end freezers and other scientific instruments or by utilizing proprietary advanced digital sensors for the acquisition of the environmental data from other types of units.

Put the most flexible, reliable, and regulatory compliant environmental monitoring system to work for you - the Tempurity System by Networked Robotics.

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Tempurity will collect data from ALL of your organizations monitored devices, wherever they are in the world. For different perspectives you may wish to read more from specific categories below: