Internet-based Scientific Freezer Temperature Monitoring using the Tempurity™ System

Whether your scientific or medical freezers store biologics such as irreplaceable tissue samples, vaccines, medicine, or non-organics such as important reagents, a given temperature range is critical to maintaining the material's integrity. Irreplaceable samples have been lost and millions of dollars of product have gone to waste due to freezer malfunctions. Quality problems can also be "hidden". If a storage environment is out-of-range for a period of time and any aberrant conditions self-correct before their recognition, the material may be put into use with lab personnel unaware of  the damage. This may be a highly dangerous or costly situation depending on the material and its purpose. You need a way to know what you don't know.

The Tempurity™ System uses your standard computer network (wired or wireless) to acquire data from freezers and other sources from any networked floor, building, or site.

When there's a problem Tempurity can also reach you anywhere. It sends alarm notifications of e-mail, text message, or voice-over-ip when conditions are not as expected. There are even international versions of the Tempurity Monitor software in several languages.

Computer-Automated Freezer Temperature Monitoring using Multiple Methods

We believe that it is now appropriate to use computer-automated methods to monitor all of your scientific or medical freezers. You can monitor temperatures from mundane room temperatures to liquid oxygen or liquid nitrogen temperature.

The Tempurity System can collect data in many different ways, depending on the characteristics of each "monitored device". Our background is in scientific automation and our work on network data collection since 2004 allows us to develop flexible solutions optimized for the different kinds of network data collection that are required in different circumstances.

Data can be collected directly via network data communication from high-end freezers, incubators, cryofreezers, and ultracolds, or you can use our advanced digital sensors. Our NTMS4 network hardware allows data to be collected by 4 of any combination of our supported methods. That gives you a high degree of flexibility unmatched in the industry. Glycerine cells are available for those customers that require sensors mounted in glycerine or other solutions. 

 When you use Networked Robotics direct connections the reading stored in the Tempurity System is the same as the reading shown on the front panel of the instrument.  The interior is free from any external probes or sensors. The system collects data from the instrument's own sensors that were optimized for use in that machine.

The Tempurity Monitoring System has been validated for FDA GLP and GMP standards. Other pages of this website are devoted to the regulatory characteristics of our products.

Lower your QA Costs

The Tempurity Monitoring System works continuously 24 hours a day. The only maintenance required is a periodic (monthly recommended) reboot of the Tempurity Server computer and additions of new "monitored devices". There are no manual uploads required as is the case with some systems. As long as the system is properly configured and running there is no labor required.

Compare that to the labor required for manual methods of writing temperatures on a form every day, or to the cost of chart paper and the labor required to replace charts once a week. 

The Tempurity System gives you better, digital methods of acquiring temperature information at a much lower cost - often with payback periods measured in months.

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Tempurity will collect data from ALL of your organizations monitored devices, wherever they are in the world. For different perspectives you may wish to read more from the specific pages below: