How does Network-based Environmental Monitoring Compare to more Traditional Monitoring Technologies?

Network-based environmental monitoring has advantages over traditional monitoring technologies. These include flexibility, speed and ease of installation, cost, reliability, redundancy, and the scope of both data collection and alarm notification.

The Tempurity™ System is designed to work with the infrastructure you already have. Connections are rapid, because the network is already in place at the monitored device. Right now In all of your buildings you have the infrastructure required for monitoring through Tempurity. You can use wired, wireless, ethernet-over-power through standard power sockets, or any other kind of standard network infrastructure. The method can be different from room-to-room or building-to-building or site-to-site.

The remainder of this page focuses on reliability in internet-based monitoring.

Network Temperature Monitoring and Reliability - Three reasons why network-based environmental monitoring can be more reliable than traditional monitoring:

(1) Alarm notifications (e-mail, text message, voice phone call) are sent both when temperatures, humidity, oxygen concentrations, etc. are too high or low, and when data values are not being obtained as expected. This means that alarm notifications can be sent earlier than traditional monitoring systems because this recognition happens immediately, whereas temperature out-of-range events occur only after the temperature or another parameter has reached a "problem" range.

(2) The internet was created originally for US Department of Defense and was engineered in such a way that communications could occur even in the event of a nuclear attack. Redundancy and automatic recovery is built into communication - even over long distances.

As a result "watching" processes can be very far away. They can be in another country. The success rate of a message traveling from Chicago to China is almost the same as the success rate of a message traveling from one of your buildings to another.

You may be thinking something to the effect of, “Well, our network goes down sometimes." But these failures of communication  occur at the "ends", that is, at your site or office, or the recipient's site, and not in the middle of the internet.

(3) High redundancy of monitoring is possible. That is, there can be "watching" processes - running at the same time - from multiple locations. This reduces the possibility that a single monitoring process will be disabled unexpectedly and an "event" will go undetected. Redundant monitoring processes can be instantiated almost immediately anywhere on the planet.

4)  Recipients of "alarm notifications" can be notified via more ways, in more places through internet-based means of notification, than by phone calls.

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