The Tempurity™ System uses your computer network to collect and store the temperature and other environmental data from  refrigerators, freezers, cryofreezers, incubators, shakers, and rooms. Data is collected from any room, building, or remote location and stored on a central server.

Tempurity allows centralized monitoring by a facilities or security group, while at the same time allowing YOU to see full data profiles and to determine how you will be notified when an alarm occurs. Monitor from your computer, tablet, or cell phone while out of town or from your home at night.

You can connect Now

Just plug the proprietary Networked Robotics hardware into the network - give it a network address - configure the collector (the Tempurity Server) and you are ready to go.

Networked Robotics' advanced hardware can obtain temperature, carbon dioxide concentration, humidity, and other readings either directly from the communications ports of  high end instrumentation or from our advanced digital sensors. You can connect directly  to the data outputs of well-known brands like Chart Biomedical® MVE, Thermo Fisher Revco®, Forma®, Harris®, VWR®, and Cryoplus®. 

More about how Tempurity works