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Transferring Alarm Notification Groups: How the Networked Robotics Tempurity™ Monitor Stores Alarm Notification Parameters in the Registry 


This document describes how to back up and transfer Tempurity Monitor alarm notification group parameters, such as e-mail destination addresses and the relevant alarm stages on which alarm notifications are to be sent.  It describes how alarm notification information can be moved from one Tempurity Monitor to another.

The Tempurity Monitor stores all alarm notification groups and their parameters in the Windows Registry rather than in text files.

The Tempurity Monitor is designed to be highly distributed - even a "personal" alarm system.  Each user with control of a Tempurity Monitor on any computer  specifies his or her "personal" alarm notification criteria.  These are stored on the computer on which the Tempurity Monitor is running in the Windows registry.   Alarm notification parameters such as destination e-mail, destination phone, or cell phone provider are under full control of most users.  They can change these parameters whenever they want, and thus are responsible for their own critical information concerning the quality of their samples. 

How Tempurity Monitor Alarm Notification Parameters are Stored in the Windows Registry

You can examine your current alarm notification groups by manually looking at the registry:

In Windows XP choose:



 Run – CMD


The relevant alarm notification groups and their alarm notification parameters are stored in the registry data tree under the following branches of the data tree:




    Tempurity Monitor


You’ll see a number of Ip addresses and Domain names – Tempurity stores a DIFFERENT SET of alarm notification parameters FOR EACH TEMPURITY SERVER that has ever been watched by a Tempurity Monitor on the machine.

The keys on the right in the figure below show those defined in one of the Alarm groups relevant for server “”

The numbered keys  - 0 to 4 show the alarm notification addresses for this alarm group.


                     Tempurity alarm notification groups in the registry


Saving Alarm Notification Groups in a Registry Export File

You can save the Tempurity Monitor Alarm Notification Groups by doing a Registry Export command. Make sure you have chosen the “selected branch” option.


                The registry's export utility for use with Tempurity Alarm notification groups

A file with a ".reg" extension will be created with the relevant information.


Importing Alarm Notification Groups from one Monitor into another Using a Registry Export File

The instructions above show how to create a registry export file that holds the alarm notification parameters for a Tempurity Monitor.  Assuming that this has been done, you can now load these export keys into the registry on another computer running a different instance of the Monitor using the Regedit "Import" command.

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