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How to Directly Connect your NTMS4 to Ultracold (-80°C) Freezers


This document describes how connect ultracold freezers to the Tempurity™ System through the direct connection of an NTMS4 to the serial port of an ultracold freezer, standard freezer or other compatible monitored device. This kind of connection enables temperatures to be collected  through data communication rather than through the addition of a "second" sensor. 

Ultracold Compatibility

The NTMS4 is capable of communicating with freezers speaking Revco-compatible and Forma-compatible data protocols. Due to the licensing of these freezers under other brand names (for example Kelvinator uses Revco protocol; some VWR freezers use Forma protocol) most ultracold freezers  with serial ports of all brands can be connected via this method. Sanyo® freezers can not be monitored with this method.  Use the Networked Robotics DCP probe, Voltage Probe, or TPL3U digital temperature sensor for these freezers.

Physical Connection to Ultracolds

Connect the NTMS4 to the serial port of your ultracold freezer using ethernet(CAT5) cable and the included DB-9 adapter. Make sure that the NTMS4 is configured for the ultracold type being monitored using the NTMS Configuration Wizard. Network-closet-style mountings are not shown in this support document.

Ultracolds without Serial Ports

If your ultracold (or ultra low) freezer does not support direct communication, you can use a Networked Robotics TPL3U digital temperature probe to collect temperatures.  The Networked Robotics TPL3U model temperature probe is optimized for use in ultracold freezers. Plug the probe into an appropriately configured temperature jack of the NTMS. Slip the probe between the door frame and the gasket of the door.  Remove any frost build-up at the location where the probe will be mounted. Carefully affix the probe to the inside of the freezer by dipping the probe in Glycerin\water solution and allowing it to freeze directly to the wall. Note:  Once affixed via this method the probe suction cup is extremely difficult to remove. You will probably need to apply heat to remove the suction cup  from the wall of the ultracold.   The dual-lock backing used to mount standard TPL3 probes on the interior walls of monitored devices will not work at temperatures below -50C.  Use the TPL3U units for this purpose.


How the Networked Robotics TPL3 or TPL3U is mounted

Mounting Suggestions

How the Tempurity System is connected directly to ultra low freezers

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