FDA Regulated Temperature Monitoring using the Tempurity™ System

Regulated scientific or analytical work in the pharmaceutical, biotech, or food industries requires that reagents or products be stored in defined environmental conditions. In the pharmaceutical industry, FDA Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) guidelines specify that records be kept of the temperatures of storage units. The Tempurity™ System was designed for use in these FDA-regulated environments.

Charts and manually recorded temperatures are acceptable to the FDA as long as a written procedures exist, are clear, in place, followed, and are appropriate to the quality of the substance being stored. Records must be stored  according to GLP rules. However if you are using manual methods such as a chart or other paper records, you are continually spending time and money to implement these procedures. Is there a way to get superb compliance data while minimizing cost?

About the Tempurity™ System and Regulated Temperature Monitoring

The Tempurity System uses your standard computer network to collect temperature and other environmental data at one-minute-intervals from your regulated freezers and incubators. The system was implemented with compliance features that were designed specifically for regulated use.

Whether you are a pharmaceutical or biotech organization subject to FDA GLP regulations, or a regulated company with HACCP requirements, the network-based Tempurity System, can meet your needs. Call Networked Robotics today to satisfy your requirements for regulated temperature monitoring.

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Tempurity will collect data from ALL of your organization's monitored devices, wherever they are in the world. For different perspectives you may wish to read more from specific categories below: